cosmetics product testing and certification

The Tintu lab offers the cosmetic testing and regulatory services needed to comply with International Standard requirements.

A number of substances is either restricted or subject to limitations of use. Lists of regulated substances are included in the Annexes of the EC Cosmetics Regulation. The Tintu analytical lab offers cosmetic testing for Traces and Impurities, Allergens, Preservatives, UV filters and other Regulated substances listed in the Annexes.

Cosmetic testing services also include a variety of protocols on Preservation Efficacy Tests - PET (Challenge Testing for Cosmetics), Microbiological Testing, Allergen Determination, Assays on Traces - Impurities, Patch Test, Stability Testing for Cosmetics, Efficacy Studies, Safety Assessment, Product Information File (PIF) compilation.

Cosmetics testing is supplemented by a number of consulting services on the topics of cosmetic product labeling, claim substantiation, manufacturing site suitability and Good Manufacturing Practices. Clients may submit product artworks for label review and International marketability verification. Cosmetic manufacturers may apply for GMP compliance verification audits according to the ISO 22716 international standard.

The Tintu Lab quality system is ISO 17025 accredited, ISO 9001 certified and GLP compliant. By contracting to Tintu Lab cosmetic product manufactures, producers and distributors ensure that their products are safe, legit and of high quality standards.

Our experienced scientists are ready to help determine the best and most cost effective cosmetics testing for your needs.


Tintu Lab offers cosmetic testing and regulatory services needed to comply with international standards. Tintu Lab is committed to the ethical generation of data, which results in the introduction of reliable products.

At TINTU LAB, our commitment to our clients is rooted in the responsibility we share with their consumers. Our commitment to the safety and efficacy of the products we test is the direct result of our dedication to improving the lives of those who use them. From this foundation, we have assembled a team of highly-skilled professionals. Through their mentorship, our clients are given access to the technology and knowledge to avoid costly pitfalls associated with complex regulatory and compliance standards. CPT was built on a legacy of integrity and a dedication to going extra lengths to ensure the high standards that protect the health of the consumer. This is our promise.